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Horse adventures at Off The Beaten Track Rides


Access to a variety of bridleways and miles and miles of forest tracks results in a huge number of different rides available for our guests to enjoy throughout their stay. From the shortest of about 3 miles to the longer border rides and reiver rides of 18-25 miles. The longer rides usually incorporate picnics, whether you are met by me in the car with picnic and drink, or it is left hiding for you to find en route!

Pub Rides

Our nearest pub, that just happens to have been a trekking centre once up on a time, means we are able to use some of the stables there. Those guests opting for a pub ride/lunch will also find some haynets have turned up so that their horses also get lunch. We have at least 4 different routes to get to the pub without any forest tracks, and four or so different forest routes to ride home, so you can choose which way to get there and which way to get back. Shortest is often chosen as the way home, giggling and laughing after a glass or two of your favourite tipple.

Swimming Rides

Quite simply – you ride your horse into the river and paddle, deep paddle or swim – dependent on weather, river levels, you and your horse. I will be there taking videos for you to take home, along with towels and your dry clothes/boots.

Forest Rides

As the name suggests, these can be entirely or almost entirely within the forest. You will feel like you are the only people in the forest – so do not rely on finding someone to tell you the way home!

And non-riding time – other than meal times!

The verandah for sitting, chilling, chatting, nibbling, drinking. The hot tub – for guests to relax in after supper, or in the afternoon when it’s too hot to ride (does happen occasionally!) I say hot tub but in fact we have three now including the one with the log cabin. And lastly – the big outside fridge for your fizz and cider – with ice cubes and plastic glasses nearby.

Reiver Rides (15 - 18 miles)

Ride in the hoof prints of 17th Century border reivers, heading to bewcastle church and castle for a picnic via lanes and kiln hill, before more open roads, byways, bridleways and calling in at the pub for a quick drink before returning home.

Border Rides

These very often include boxing up about 6 miles so that you can fully enjoy the tracks by the border, with a picnic by the river and returning either to box home or ride home (and then I take you back up for the boxes). However, for those accustomed to longer rides you can ride to the border for a picnic and return a different way.

Bridleway Rides

When ground conditions/river levels/livestock permit, you can enjoy a number of rides over bridleways, including Zod’s hill, swing bridge, the ruin, peacock ride, chicken run 1 and 2, ford and village etc. All mapped for you to scan onto your phone or download from the OS app.

What Our Guests Say

Horse adventures at Off The Beaten Track Rides
Horse adventures at Off The Beaten Track Rides

Debbie Jones

Just enjoyed a brilliant weekend at Off The Beaten Track - everything was amazing including the accommodation, the food, the company, the facilities and of course - the rides. Will definitely be back. Thanks to Chris, Joy and Cal for everything - you go above and beyond to make the experience fantastic.

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