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Picnics with your horse


I'm Chris, your host here at Off The Beaten Track Rides, and a lover of all things equestrian. At the grand old age of 40 I finally achieved my childhood dream of buying my own horse and have been riding ever since, right up until my horses all retired a few years ago.

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Riding adventures

One summer's day in 2009, whilst holidaying in Cornwall, I went for a beach ride with a local riding stables. I was singularly unimpressed with the two hour ride and asked some of the others on the same ride (who also had horses of their own at home) how they rated it as a score out of 10. They jointly replied 8 or 9. Gasp! I gave it 2 and that was only because it included a beach! I can do better than this at home, I thought....and that right there was the beginning of Off The Beaten Track Rides. 


Over the years, friends and relatives who have come out riding with me on my horses always come home saying 'it's fantastic' and 'best ride ever'. One friend has been sharing my passion for local riding for 6 years and never tires of the variety of terrain, stunning views, changing scenery in the forest and exploring new rides. In fact, we only discovered the dragonfly ride in 2010 and it is only 3 miles away hidden in the forest! (The ride is so named as it was the first dragonfly I had seen this close to home!) Every ride here is different and there are now over 20 routes to choose from, varying in time, miles and ability.


I look forward to sharing my riding adventures with you soon.

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